Our purpose

To place highly qualified military and foreign service spouses with employers who benefit from their unique abilities. By working with us, you support families who are serving our country. 


We identify and interview these professionals in the U.S. and worldwide. We only present the top qualified candidates to you. 

Our people

Our internal team is comprised entirely of military and foreign service spouses just like our candidates. They are adaptable, resourceful, and creative.

Our difference

SPEED. You need to hire someone with an unusual skill set tomorrow? We'll find you someone yesterday.

ACCURACY. Are other recruiters sending you people who don't fit your position requirements?
Our proven system delivers the right people.

EXPERTISE. Do you have complex needs in the U.S. or overseas? Our network of talent is ready to work for you.

Like the spouses we serve, we are flexible and offer simple solutions to fulfill your recruiting needs. Learn more about our standard and sourcing concierge service options. 

A significant percentage of our team is compromised of military and foreign service veterans and their spouses. Their personal values formed the backbone of our culture. If you want to build an organization where adaptable people work hard, selflessly serve others, and get the job done without drama and big egos, there is no finer pool of people to hire from than people from families that already live those values every day.
— President, Staffing Advisors