Our purpose

To create the perfect match between highly qualified U.S. military and foreign service spouses and employers from all industries. By working with us, you improve the quality of life of families serving our country. 


We identify and interview U.S. military and foreign service spouses in the U.S. and worldwide. We only present the top qualified candidates to you. Saving you time is our priority. 

Our people

We are who we represent. Our internal team is comprised entirely of U.S. military and foreign service spouses. Our candidates are driven, adaptable, resourceful, and creative.

Our difference

We stay true to our mission by only serving the U.S. military and foreign service communities.

We screen every candidate.

We treat our candidates and clients exceptionally by providing the attention, responsiveness, and feedback they deserve. 

A significant percentage of our team is compromised of military and foreign service veterans and their spouses. Their personal values formed the backbone of our culture. If you want to build an organization where adaptable people work hard, selflessly serve others, and get the job done without drama and big egos, there is no finer pool of people to hire from than people from families that already live those values every day.
— President, Staffing Advisors