ServingTalent is closing on February 28 after a great deal of thought and 3.5 years in business.

This is an extremely difficult decision, but it’s necessary for several reasons. We have been working hard through this entire period to build relationships with clients and make placements, yet we have not made enough money to pay us or our staff reasonable salaries. The recruiting business is challenging, and our focus on a niche market made it more difficult. We remained lean, operating remotely and keeping expenses very low, but our team cannot continue to work with little to no pay.

Despite these challenges, our amazing team of US military and foreign service spouses worked tirelessly to find talent for scores of clients. We successfully placed 34 spouses in jobs, including CPAs, engineers, HR professionals, writers, and administrative personnel. In addition, we raised the US military and foreign spouse unemployment issue among companies large and small, in Congress, and through presentations in various forums and major media.

Thank you for your support.