ServingTalent's co-founders - Marcelle Yeager, a Department of State Foreign Service spouse, and Maggie Varona, a U.S. Navy spouse - met while stationed at the U.S. Embassy in Santiago, Chile. Maggie was a finance director but when her employer was sold, she found herself suddenly out of work with no local employment options. Marcelle worked in communications, but when her husband joined State, she had to leave her career position and seek other options.­­­

Theirs is a common story – and one that military and foreign service (people posted at U.S. embassies overseas) spouses share. We have limited our professional potential in order to support our spouses, our families, and our country.

At no cost to the spouse, we act as a tenacious advocate on their behalf to educate employers about the unique situation of military and foreign service spouses. Spouses often face the difficult task of both selling themselves in a job interview and explaining their position. ServingTalent helps employers understand these issues beforehand so spouses get the same opportunity other job seekers possess - to spend a job interview demonstrating their talents rather than hiding their lifestyle or defending employment gaps caused by their spouse’s service. Meanwhile, employers do not have sufficient time to sort through hundreds of resumes on spouse job boards; they need people who understand their business needs and can locate the employee that is right for them.

ServingTalent provides a valuable service to both sides – as the spouse’s champion and the employer’s hiring partner – and bridges that gap between spouses seeking employment and the employers that want to hire them.