I have a position I need to fill. How can I find out what candidates are available?

Send an email to employers@servingtalent.com or call 703.953.0953 and we'll get to work for you right away. Describe your requirements and the three characteristics of your ideal candidate, and we will do our best to help you find the right talent. We also find it helpful to discuss your needs and learn more about your company's culture. 

What services do you offer and what is the cost?

Cost is based on the professional level and salary of the position you are filling, and our rates are highly competitive. You only pay a fee if you select someone to hire from our network. 

What industries do you work with? 

We are currently working with all industries in the private sector as our candidates have diverse backgrounds and skill sets. 


What type of resume should I send and how should I send it?

Please send us your civilian/private sector resume as federal government (USAJobs) resumes do not translate to the private work force. The resume you submit to us should be general unless you are interested in a specific open role. If you are applying for a specific open role, please tailor your resume to that role. Resume length varies, but generally it should not be more than 2 pages. Send it to our recruiters at info@servingtalent.com.  

I've sent my resume. When will I hear something?

We do our absolute best to respond within a week. 

How does your process work?

This is a free service for you as a candidate. When you send your resume to us, we will contact you to schedule an interview. Please be prepared as you would for a job interview, as we will ask you about your background in addition to questions that shed light on your character and work style. If we have a position that is a good fit for you at that time or in the future, we will present you to an employer who will determine if they'd like to interview you as well. 

How quickly will I be placed?

We cannot guarantee placement. Placement speed depends on the current needs of our clients. We work daily to bring on new clients so our open roles change monthly or even weekly.

Should I check periodically with you to see if you receive any new positions?

It is not necessary as we will reach out to candidates who are qualified for open positions. You can also view our open positions here.

Do you place people in overseas assignments?

For people stationed overseas, we tend to focus on telework positions but we do occasionally place people in jobs on the local economy. We strive to meet the needs of our candidates and our employers. One of the benefits of the candidates we serve is that they are located all over the world. We are proud that our talent pool is truly global.