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Do you need high quality candidates in the door faster?

Easy Hire Plan

  • Today: schedule a call or meeting with us

  • Tomorrow: we identify the best people for you

  • In 2 days: interview and select your next hire

  • Next week: 

    • Onboard

    • Schedule your vacation

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Candidate Expertise

  • 80% possess a bachelor’s degree or higher

  • 43% hold a master’s, PhD, or JD

  • 13% hold a security clearance

  • 23% are bilingual or trilingual

  • 11% are veterans

Professions include but are not limited to:
engineers, nurses, social workers, CPAs, HR professionals, project managers, marketing

Our candidates handle challenges every day without the support of a relocation agency while their spouse works overtime - buying groceries, a car, and registering children for school in a new town or in a foreign language.

By working with us, your role will be filled on average
within 7 days, saving you $18,500.

Select Clients

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we get it done.

You will enjoy the attention and flexibility of working with a boutique agency. Our leadership team has worked for a variety of private companies and government contractors such as Baker & McKenzie, BNP Paribas, Booz Allen Hamilton, Fannie Mae, General Electric, Pepsi, Philip Morris, and Robert Half. We understand the federal government, having worked for the Department of Defense, Department of State, and U.S. Army. 

How Does it Work?


Do you have recruiting staff who are overwhelmed?


Do you not have a recruiter?

1. Send us the job requirements and 3 characteristics of your ideal candidate.

2. We search our pre-screened candidate pool and do the rest. 

Pricing: You pay a competitive contingency fee below the market rate of 20% only if you hire one of our unique candidates. If your hiring needs differ, we can discuss other options.  


What Does it Include?

- Pre-screened candidates we've met via phone or video (we talk to all of our incoming candidates) who are professional, attentive to detail, responsive, and possess strong oral and written communication skills

- Verification interview to re-evaluate candidates against your role's requirements, including structured behavioral interview questions to grasp candidates' skills and motivations  

- Detailed notes with resumes of select qualified candidates who are a good fit for your team

- Coordination of interviews with your team

- Testing (if required by customer) to assess ability and/or soft skills

- In-depth reference checks and notes

We’ve been very pleased with ServingTalent’s offering and customer service. The team is easy to work with and the talent pool is exceptional. ServingTalent offers a great product that I would highly recommend to other businesses. Some of our competitors have sourced talent overseas, which wasn’t part of our model or plan. Working with ServingTalent has enabled us to hire U.S. talent and simultaneously support our military and foreign service communities. We greatly appreciate what the team and our hired consultants have done and continue to do for us and our business.
— Director, V Squared Associates, LLC

Contact us today to gain access to this incredible talent source and put these skill sets to work for your organization.

ServingTalent is a WBENC-Certified Women's Business Enterprise. 

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