Not Your Typical Recruiting Agency

ServingTalent places diverse U.S. diplomat (foreign service) and military spouses with employers who need top-notch talent now.


The professional spouse population is difficult to find because they are spread out and most online groups restrict access to these communities. We have access because we as a team are military and foreign service (FS) spouses, and that makes us different from other recruiting agencies: we understand our talent pool well because we are them, and as a result we have a close relationship with our candidates, who self-identify to us automatically as military- and foreign service-affiliated.

We have cultivated a ready-to-work, diverse pool of talent that is over 90% women, experienced, and educated (80% possess a bachelor’s degree or higher; 43% hold a master’s, PhD, or JD; and 23% are bilingual or trilingual). The common element they share is that their families are serving our country and their unemployment rate is over 28%. ServingTalent eliminates the hours you spend scouring job boards and gets you people to interview within days. Our candidates check all the boxes: they have diverse backgrounds and are leaders with soft skills that are difficult, if not impossible to teach. And by hiring a spouse you make a social impact, improving livelihoods and enabling families to remain in service to our country. 

Since we are different than traditional recruiting agencies by nature of our exclusive population and close understanding of our candidates, we've come up with an easier way to source from our talent pool, diverging from the traditional contingency “pay 20% when you hire” recruiting model (though we still offer that when a company requires end-to-end recruiting support).

Do you need a steady stream of a specific type of talent?

For a flat fee (starting at $500), we send you 5 profiles of available to work star candidates per month (professions include: administrative, marketing, and project management). There is NO additional fee if you decide to hire any of those candidates. Our population is diverse across professional backgrounds. If you need people with different backgrounds than those above, we can send you star candidates that match those needs.

Do you need part-time freelance staff?

We offer an advertising service where you pay a one-time or flat monthly rate and we will get the right candidates to come directly to you. Our spouses are difficult to find because they don't often broadcast their military or FS affiliation and belong to closed social media groups. We target pre-screened candidates and conduct regular advertising through our exclusive channels during the month. 

Do you need to train your staff to hire spouses or build a dedicated spouse hiring program?

We are currently developing an offering to train recruiters, hiring managers, and other organizational leaders on how to identify and hire military and FS spouse talent. Expected rollout: 2019.  

We bring exclusive, exceptional talent to you quickly and easily, without the sting of a recruiter fee. Contact today to discuss how we can help you