A Checklist for Your Next Long Distance Interview


The following tips may seem obvious and silly, but it's a good checklist to use before you hop on for a phone or Skype interview. Small missteps on your part can literally break an interview. If you're well prepared in the knowledge department but not the pull yourself together department, you aren't likely to move forward in the hiring process. For real. 

1. Wear a fully presentable outfit.

What we mean is: don't wear sweats and slippers on the bottom because you think the person will only see your top. What if you have to stand up during it? Even if you are on a phone call, wearing work clothes gets you into a business mindset.

2. Check your Internet and phone.

Check your internet connection and that your phone is charged 20-30 minutes before the scheduled interview. Log on to Skype for the interview 5-10 minutes in advance. 

3. Have a backup plan. 

Be prepared for technical failures and have a backup plan. If Skype doesn't work on your end or theirs, is your phone charged and ready by your side? 

4. Silence your devices.

Turn off phone notifications and put it on silent for the duration of the interview. Do not check messages or anything while on the phone interview. Focus. 

5. Don't force it.

If you've had an emergency occur or you are feeling very ill the day of the interview and still want to push forward with it, please reconsider. Stress comes across more easily than you would imagine. It's better to explain the situation and reschedule so you can put your best foot forward than blow your only chance to make a first impression.