What You Can Do This Summer to Find a Job


If you've been thinking about figuring out what you love to do, use the summer to your advantage. Take time while on your summer vacation or at home to start exploring new career possibilities. Here are some easy ways to get started and motivated. Keep a journal or notes on your phone to track quotes, ideas, and inspiration.

Company News

If you are drawn to certain companies, get to know more about them. Subscribe to their news feeds or newsletters. This will help you understand their culture and corporate goals. If you eventually decide to apply to an opening, you'll be able to better tap into their needs when you prepare your application and interview.

Industry News

Engage with sources from industries you're not familiar with in which you might have a possible interest. Try reading magazines from those industries to find out what the current trends and issues are. It may ignite an interest in learning more about issues within an industry, or you may find a job you never knew existed. 

Follow Industry Influencers

There are a lot of industry thought leaders and CEOs blogging and putting content out there. While their word isn't gospel, it can be inspiring to read about their challenges and successes. If there are particular people you admire, follow them on social media, subscribe to their blog, or listen to their podcasts.

Talk to Successful Individuals

Many of us shy away from asking successful people for guidance because we imagine they are extraordinarily busy and don't have time for us. While that may be true, some of the most successful people enjoy hearing from people who admire them and offering advice. Ask to take the person to lunch or coffee to learn about their career. These chats can trigger great ideas for you about what you could be doing in your future.