ServingTalent Founder Marcelle Yeager Quoted in Foreign Service Journal

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U.S. foreign service (diplomat) spouses/partners have been given little help when it comes to embassy opportunities, from a long hiring freeze to unrealistic qualifications (e.g., a Ph.D. in business).

They are required to have higher qualifications than diplomats for some positions (note: diplomat pay is roughly equivalent to basic military officer pay, however, housing is not covered for diplomat families when posted in DC), yet spouses are paid significantly less. 

ServingTalent will continue to find rewarding jobs for our spouses/partners around the world: you simply cannot find this type of talent anywhere else. These are people who live in almost 300 locations around the world, handling challenges every day without the support of a relocation agency while their spouse works insane hours - buying groceries, a car, and registering children for school in a foreign language in a country they've never been to before.

Then add to all that, the qualifications of our military/diplomat spouse pool look like this:

  • 75% possess a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • 43% hold a master’s, Ph.D., or JD
  • 20% are bilingual or trilingual
  • 11% are veterans 

We continue to work hard to support these valuable candidates from both the military and diplomat communities, but more needs to be done. You can find the full article from The Foreign Service Journal here.