The Difference Between Military Spouses and Military Veterans

When it comes to job candidates, military spouses and military veterans are not alike.


Sure, they are related to one another, but they are completely different in terms of the experience and abilities they bring to an organization. This distinction is not obvious unless you have military family members or have spent time in a military community. Yet it’s an important distinction that recruiters and hiring managers need to know.

To explain this further, let’s look at who the two candidates are:

Military Veteran: Someone who served as an active duty military service member but is no longer employed by one of the branches of our armed services.

 Military Spouse: A significant other to an active duty or retired military service member.

Why is the difference between the two important? Because military spouses have directly transferable skills that make them an easy and smart hire.

While active duty service members work for the armed services in a professional military capacity, military spouses work in civilian positions, usually for private business. This means military spouses have the same (non-military) skill set you want and need to run your business.

If you are a marketing agency, you will find experienced digital marketers who are military spouses. If you run a software company, you will find skilled coders or developers who are military spouses. If you run a travel company, you will find talented travel and food bloggers who are military spouses. If you run a non-profit, you will find great fundraisers who are military spouses, and so on.

Military spouses also have added skills that come from the challenge of being required to maintain fluid careers resultant of military mandated moves. While an active duty service member moves because of a new job, their job is set and ready for them each time they move. On the other hand, military spouses must network and market themselves to find a new position each time they move. This requirement makes military spouses become excellent communicators with the ability to pick up a job and run with it. They are forward-thinking, problem solvers who already have the corporate skillset you’re seeking. They are also highly adaptable and bring an unmatched diversity of thought and a unique perspective. Simply put, the adversity military spouses face and overcome each time they move makes them highly-skilled, invaluable employees.

How do we know this? We are fortunate enough to hear the glowing feedback from our partner employers.

We’ve been very pleased with ServingTalent’s offering and customer service. The team is easy to work with and the talent pool is exceptional. ServingTalent offers a great product that I would highly recommend to other businesses. Some of our competitors have sourced talent overseas, which wasn’t part of our model or plan. Working with ServingTalent has enabled us to hire U.S. talent and simultaneously support our military and foreign service communities. We greatly appreciate what the team and our hired consultants have done and continue to do for us and our business.

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Since military spouses have so much to offer, hiring from the pool of military spouses gives employers a competitive advantage. Besides being great employees, this segment of the workforce is often underutilized through no fault of their own. This point is especially relevant for organizations who struggle with finding the top talent.

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Shilo Lucyk

About the Author: Shilo is a content marketing strategist and writer who loves helping businesses tell their story and connect with customers through engaging and informative content. She is also a military spouse who has lived in 12 cities in 10 states in the last 20 years.